Saturday, March 24, 2012

The biggest eco disaster in history and these two are in charge?

Obama's Yenta In Charge Of The Oil Spill

Are These Zio-Clowns Really Harmless?

Obama was elected by a group of rich and powerful Chicago Jews. Now this Zio-flunky, Obama, has appointed Zionists to 90% of his cabinet positions. 5

Carol Browner is a typical clown. She went to University of Florida on a scholarship, made it to Washington , and now is the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Obama's point man on this oil spill. 7

The Secretary Of The Interior

Ken Salazar is a Crypto Zionist lawyer. This dates back to Roosevelt and the 'New Deal' (nee the jew Deal). What Roosevelt did is create a number of agencies such as the FCC, and then appointed his Zionist pals. Their main job was to see radio licenses went to fellow Zionists.

This clown belongs in traffic court fixing speeding tickets.

His Holy Reverence Jacob Judicial's Opinion

This clown Browner, in her mini skirt, was fine sitting in the front row of Professor Goldberg's Harvard class on the history of Communist Marxists leaders, but now we have a real crisis.

You need some German scientists, not some Yenta from the local deli.