Friday, January 16, 2015

Is J. Bruce Campbell the author of Judicial-Inc?

Is this the "Reverend Jacob Judicial"? [1]

I became aware of this today via this article.

According to his apparent website, J.B. Campbell was prominent in the modern militia movement, and authored a book entitled "The New American Man - A Call to Arms". 

In an article here Campbell claims that the Mossad attempted to kill him several times in 2003.  In my opinioin, his writing style, opinions and the topics he discusses strongly support that he may have been the author of Judicial-Inc.   The sarcastic and irreverent stance towards Christianity that was characteristic of Judicial-Inc now makes sense, as in this article Campbell identifies as a sort of agnostic and expresses his animosity towards Christianity, believing it to be a tool of the jews.

I, the editor of this blog, am compelled to state that while I agree with Campbell that the religion called "Christianity" is now under the control of jews, this does not mean that all the ideals at the source of this religion are false.  I strongly believe in the existence of a Creator, and that this Creator revealed himself to the prophets as recorded in the Bible.  The problem is that much of the Holy Scriptures have been tampered with by the jews, and that many false doctrines have been introduced to severely corrupt the true doctrines as originally given by the Heavenly Father and the Messiah.  I am a strong believer in what some call "Christian Identity" and believe that this "theology" is restoring the true message from the Creator.  Further, this belief system is THE answer to the jewish problem and the survival of the white/European peoples, as the white/European peoples are the true descendants of the Israelites. and the jews are identified as literal children of Satan who the Creator has commanded the Israelites (Europeans) to destroy.

Here is a radio interview with JB Campbell by Carolyn Yeager.