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Another horror of the Holocaust - shared latrines, arousal, and passionate 'Toilet Sex'

A Look Into The Zionist's Mind And The Holocaust

A Gifted Writer Describes Toilet Sex

Nazis Beat You even as You 'Made Toilet'

Male And Female Jews Shared The Same Toilet

Look at the wooden shoes

Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum Was A Famous Leader

A Native of Dzialoszyce, Poland, Joseph E. Tenenbaum survived the Zatorska, Plaszow,Wieliczka, and Mielec camps near Krakow, as well as the Mauthausen, Melk, and Ebensee camps in Austria.

Being the President of the American and World Federation of Polish Jews, Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum was a very important Jewish leader around the end of WWII. In the aftermath of the war, he went on a “fact-finding tour” or Poland in 1946.

A World Renowned Author

His book, In Search of a Lost People: The Old and the New Poland (The Beechhurst Press, 1948), is a chronicle of his ”discoveries” and “facts” about the condition of the Jews both during and after the war.

Jews Fornicate In The Bottom Of Auschwitz Latrines

Of course, he was interested in the alleged ”Nazi extermination camp” of Auschwitz-Birkenau and how the Jews behaved under the threat of “death by gassing.” He took a special interest in the toilets and latrines of this camp, and what happened to the Jews in them during the war.

Sex In The Toilet

We let Dr. Tenenbaum pick up the story here (page 145): “I heard harrowing stories of these latrines of Birkenau, of how the children hid for hours in the foulness, to escape gassing, how love went on in these places and sexes mated in the dung under the threat of instantaneous death when discovered [emphasis added]; how business thrived and gossip thrilled in these latrines.

A Dangerous Rendezvous

If you lost your footing in the heat of passion, you could drown!!

Latrines Were A Gathering Place

In Birkenau, the latrines were everything–the place of exchange, the club house, the newspaper guild, and incidentally the physiological relief station. I looked at one of them, still open. The latrine was dry.”

Get the picture? With perfect seriousness and a straight face, Dr. Tenenbaum tells the story of how Jews had sex in the human excrement of the latrines of Birkenau. source

No further comment necessary.

Paul Grubach

Senator Jane Harman Typifies the Mindset

In 2005, U.S. Representative Jane Harman made news by sending around a hoax email stating that one of Lyndon LaRouche's followers "decided to drop her pants and plopped a Hot Cleveland Steamer on our carpet.

Coprophilia, combining sex with toilet stems from the Krakow Ghetto where the common practice of defecating turned into a sensual act because of unisexual toilets.

In Our Christian World

The Church of Judicial-Inc position is that these Zionist fetishes should be kept to the alleys, and synagogues. As Christians, we don't want our children exposed to their porn, drugs, clothes, or any of these demented fetishes.

And please, keep these holocaust survivors with their bars of soap, and stories of throwing live babies into ovens, out of our schools.

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